Lists, Lists, & More Lists

Some exciting news! Our DTS group has grown from 4 to 5 people! Heather, a fellow future trainee, is going to be getting married, and her soon-to-be husband will be joining us for training! We are incredibly excited for them, but we certainly don't envy their workload (planning a wedding while also fundraising and everything else? No thank you).

I currently have 7 lists laid out on my desk in front of me, and those lists contain projects to complete before I'm done at work, things to do before our fundraiser, and (what feels like) a million other things. I wish I could just punch every last list item in the face and forget about them, but that would be both irresponsible and rude of me. This journey in our lives is stretching both Miranda and I for sure, and one of the areas in which I'm getting stretched uncomfortably thin is organization. Or "organisation" if you're spelling it in the UK. I'm certainly doing better at lists and things, but it's still really hard to not feel like just giving up and watching a movie instead of accomplishing something.

"Overwhelmed" is a feeling I have quite a bit these days. I have so much to think about, like, "What will I do for a cell phone after I'm no longer on the camp plan when I quit my job in a few weeks?" Or "What are we going to do with our car for the first year?"

In the David's Everyday Words version of the Bible (an unofficial version I just made up), it says that God totally takes care of animals and plants that he called "Good," back when He first made them, so of course He's going to take care of Miranda and I even more. And I believe that in my heart, but feeling it for real and not letting my head's laziness or fearfulness get in the way can be tough.

It's all a part of the journey, though. Turning to Him to quell my worries and trusting Him to provide is a learned response, but will eventually become an instinct. Soon...


As I'm writing this, I just finished the fundraising page on our website (soon-to-be live!). We've been approved by the Joy To The World Foundation, so we now have a place to send everyone who wants to support us financially! It's a really good feeling, but it also means that all those things that we knew we would eventually have to do but couldn't yet are now viable options. Miranda and I are ready to dive headfirst off Fundraising Cliff! Do we know what we're doing? No. Is it going to be super easy? Of course not. Is that going to stop us? *SNORT* Don't think that for a second.

We're new to all of this, but Corbin and Stacy, our future team leaders, have expressed to us over and over again that "God funds His projects." If He's called us to Scotland (which He has), then we can stand firm that He will provide to get us there.

It's a trust thing. I'm still getting used to the idea in some ways, but I'm excited to watch God work! Well, I'm going to go finish this website and get it ready to publish. It's kind of weird writing a blog post that no one is going to see for a while, haha. Off I go, future readers!