25 APR, 2015 - We held a fundraiser/auction at First Baptist Church in Siloam Springs. There was live music, dessert, a silent auction, and more. God blessed us beyond anything we were expecting, and we raised more than $2,200 that night!

14 JUL, 2015 - We said "farewell" to Siloam Springs, AR, our home for the last 7 years! We've also sold our RV and most of our belongings. The remaining time in the US was spent with family and friends, last-minute fundraising.

23 AUG, 2015 - We landed in Scotland, ready for our new adventure!

4 SEP, 2015 - Training officially began.

3 SEP, 2016 - We graduated from our YWAM training!

19 NOV, 2016 - We travelled back to the US for a 7-week trip in order to visit friends and family, do some support-raising, and to update our visas to a higher level (which will allow us to start working toward our residency status).

14 DEC, 2017 - We welcomed our wee dude, Andrew Berik Storer, to the family!

2022 - After living in Scotland for 5 years, we can apply for 'leave to remain (permanent residency),' and can eventually apply for full-on citizenship.

2022 AND BEYOND! - Who knows where God will have us by that point? We believe we will live out our days in Scotland, raising a family, having grandchildren, and continuing to minister to this incredible people.